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Last week we were blessed to have Ana Galindo visit and spend the week at El Refugio. We have been bringing short-term teams down to the Shell/Puyo area of Ecuador for several years now, yet I can still remember the day when we heard about Ana. I remember someone saying, “There’s an Ecuadorian woman who […]

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Summiting Cotopaxi

It’s 11:42 pm on August 31, and most people are either asleep or going to sleep. Us?  Well, we are climbing out of our tents at Cotopaxi National Park.  The wind is whipping and pelting us with dirt and dust.  After getting our gear on and bags packed, we pray and beg God to help […]

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Experiential Education: Facilitator Training

For two weekends in March, our Program Team hosted a training for new facilitators. The role of a facilitator here at El Refugio is indispensable. Our facilitators guide groups through a series of activities and reflections so that groups can accomplish their proposed goals. Without them, we would not be able to fulfill our mission to provide a training and […]

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Cuan hermosos son los pies de los que anuncian la paz de los que anuncian buenas nuevas. Romanos 10:15b Cuando me siento frente al computador para dirigirme a usted siempre me digo será que el trabajo de este mes fue suficiente o importante como para compartirlo con usted? Será que mi Padre Celestial está contento […]

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The Olympics: Dedication

The Olympics have never been something that have gotten me really excited. I think they’re great– don’t get me wrong– it’s just that I know some people who get so pumped to watch the Olympics, and I don’t quite relate. That being said, I’ve watched a ton of events with my wife, Suzy, this year– […]

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A Year in Review

We gathered as a staff on Wednesday & took time to remember & celebrate 2013. I enjoyed the activity quite a lot and decided we should share all that happened with you as well! We held the Youth World Annual Team Conference in January. The Olsens officially started their work at El Refugio that month, […]

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Alturas Intern Profile: Brenda

A Not So Common Story There are things that I can’t avoid, that I would like to leave behind. Perhaps it is a mysterious past which I do not want to reveal… perhaps a life full of difficult situations to confront; mistakes that I usually hide and much to change. This may perhaps be my […]

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Alturas Intern Profile: Gustavo

Written by: Gustavo Morales   Greetings to all of my faithful readers! My name is Gustavo Morales. I am an Alturas intern here at El Refugio and I come from Chihuahua, México. I’m nineteen years old and I’m incredibly happy to be here. Being here is a demonstration of the great love and faithfulness of […]

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A Place of Sanctuary and Adventure

This blog entry was written by Ryan Gilles, with photography by Andrew Nicoderm. Orignally posted on the International Teams website. To read the article there, go to    Roberto chuckles as he rests his arm on a wooden fence post, an amused expression on his face. Two helmet-and-harness-clad middle school boys swing back and forth […]

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