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donateWe are a ministry. Though we do receive income as a result of the groups who come out for retreats, the amount they are being charged is heavily subsidized to make it affordable and accessible to as many Ecuadorians as we can. To keep this ministry going, we do rely on the generosity of supporters and individuals like you who would consider donating to this ministry that God has blessed us with.

All donations given to our ministry are tax-deductible. Gifts are given to International Teams and those funds designated to our ministry or other special projects are then directed where they are intended to go.

Thank you for your desire to support what God is doing through the ministry of El Refugio


HER kids

We always have a number of special projects taking place throughout the year. If you would like to specifically give to one of the following projects, please click on the appropriate button.

donate to send a camper to adventure camp

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