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We aim to facilitate authentic, comprehensive, and Christ-centered life changing experiences. How do we accomplish this?

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EL-Refugio-groupKeeping true to our identity as a training and retreat center, we use retreats as a vehicle for training and equipping youth to have impact for the kingdom and the gospel.

Twice a year, we have a four day, basic training to equip facilitators to work with our retreat groups.  These 18-24 year old youth play a very important role in what we do with retreat groups as they walk the group members through the entire experience, challenging them to think about and grow in their relationship with our creator.

On any given weekend, we have 4-8 facilitators who volunteer at El Refugio working with our retreat groups.  We take this opportunity to spend time with them, invest in them, be a listening ear, and challenge them to grow as well.  Not only do retreat groups leave El Refugio changed, the facilitators do as well.

The facilitator program ties in with the overall mission of El Refugio and Youth World: leadership development.  We want to see them so impacted by Jesus that they go back to their communities and become catalysts for the kingdom.

Please pray for these facilitators, their walks with Christ, and their communities.

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