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CampeonesTodo Lodo isn’t just a race; it’s a shared experience that will bring you face to face with an unforgettable challenge! Each year in the month of April, we at El Refugio host a mud run here on our property. The primary purpose of this run is to raise funds for the ministry of El Refugio– which in turn keeps our retreat prices low, allowing as many Ecuadorian groups to experience what we offer at affordable prices. The race is 4.5 kilometers with 18 different obstacles as well as a family route that’s 2 km. It’s designed to create community in a unique way: using challenge and fun between those who are running together.

Although we allow individuals to sign up, several of the obstacles require help from other participants. People can sign up as a family, as a team of friends, co-workers, or pair, but the goal is that everyone conquers the obstacles. We rally around the motto of, “No one left behind!”

TiresWith several ‘heats’ or ‘waves’ taking off throughout the day, the entire event lasts 6 hours. As racers finish, they are invited to enjoy a family friendly environment on the main field where food is for sale, music groups are performing,  a petting zoo is provided, and there are opportunities to enjoy our climbing wall in addition to other fun adult and kid-focused activities.

In our second year we’ve reached over 1000 participants, and look forward to those numbers growing annually as we invite Ecuadorians to a day in the mud, full of challenge, teamwork, food, and fun!

Todo Lodo Event Website

To learn more about the Todo Lodo mud race feel free to visit the website by clicking the button above (though the website is in Spanish) or watch videos on our youtube channel by clicking here: Todo Lodo Videos



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