(3 month internship)

Live in community for 3 months while serving, taking classes, & pursuing God’s calling


(3 month internship)

Basecamp is a 3 month service-based internship where you will work with short-term teams to serve local communities, grow in your Spanish, and take classes relating to discipleship. This internship is designed for young adults between the ages of 18-25 who are native English speakers, or with a similar level of English speaking ability. Our hope is that you will encounter a deeper understanding of Jesus Christ, His calling in your life, and what it means to be a disciple of Christ.
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Basecamp runs from late May through early August each year. Each week offers a range of diverse activities and experiences depending on the day. Two or three days a week often include working on property alongside short-term team members assisting in the upkeep and enhancement of the hacienda. Interns will also take 3 classes during their summer ranging from Adventure and Discipleship, to Community Development, Spiritual Formation, and The History of Ecuador through Culture, Politics and People. Throughout the summer interns will assist short-term teams in their off-site ministry work as we travel throughout Ecuador visiting and serving alongside other ministries.

Gathering Spaces

As an intern you will live on property and have access to all of the spaces that El Refugio offers. Interns benefit from the exclusive use of the Discipleship House’s common room, offering a comfortable space to read, relax, and play games with other interns.


Interns will have a good balance of having meals prepared for them by our kitchen staff, and preparing some meals for themselves in their communal kitchen. Whenever there are short-term teams on property, interns eat in the dining hall with these groups.


Our hope is that during 3 months serving alongside us, you will connect with God in different ways, encounter a deeper understanding of Jesus Christ, and learn what it means to be a disciple of Christ. Through this transformational experience, we will equip you to continue your walk with Jesus, empower you to live the abundant life in Christ, and help you to pursue God’s calling.

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