Find rest, adventure, and growth at our training and retreat center

We offer customized experiences that Leave you rejuvenated and inspired to pursue your full potential

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Life can become busy and fast paced. Burnout is a real danger.
We'll take care of you during your stay so you can find the rest you need and leave rejuvenated.
If we never challenge ourselves, we'll miss opportunities to grow.
Our outdoor adventure activities will challenge you to go beyond your comfort zone and grow.
Living without direction holds us back from our full potential.
We'll provide the time, space, and guidance you need to reflect and move forward with purpose.

Pursue your full potential

When we live without direction we usually find ourselves in routines that are comfortable yet stagnant or busy and exhausting. At El Refugio we challenge you through outdoor adventure activities while also providing a space for you to rest and reflect so that you leave rejuvenated and pursuing your full potential.

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With 300 acres of land stretching up a mountainside, there's plenty to see.
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Our process

Get to know the group
We get to know your specific circumstances, needs, and goals; whether you’re an individual, family, business, church, or school.
Customize the experience
We design and facilitate your customized experience by selecting from our offerings of team building activities, low ropes challenges, rock climbing, zip-lining, high ropes elements, personal time for reflection, internships, seminars, trainings, and workshops.
Empower the group
We help you process your experience and identify next steps, empowering you with the tools to face the challenges that await you as you return home.

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We'll design a custom experience from our program offerings and facilitate for you or your group.
We'll help you process your experience and identify next steps as you return home.

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