Programmed Activities

Guided by our staff with intentionality


What do we mean by ‘Programming?’

When we use the word ‘programming’ with our retreat guests at El Refugio, we are referring to all of the different activities that we offer, plan, and lead during your stay. In crafting the experience to meet your specific needs, our staff will intentionally select different activities to meet your goals and objectives. That programming could be setting you up for solo time in nature, facilitating a day of team building and high ropes, or leading a debrief to process through what you've been learning.
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What does ‘Programming’ include?

We design and facilitate your customized experience by choosing to incorporate activities from the following offerings:

+ Team building activities and games
+ Low ropes team challenges
+ Rock climbing on our climbing tower
+ Zip-lining
+ Various high ropes elements, including our high ropes static course
+ Guided solo times for reflection
+ Guided hikes on our trails
+ Facilitated conversations as a team to debrief and process activities
+ Campfire times in one of our various outdoor locations

At an additional cost, programming can also include:

+ Seminars guided by our staff
+ Trainings, addressing specific content that our staff is certified to teach
+ Workshops addressing a range of topics, facilitated by our different staff members
+ Guided times of worship
+ Personalized counseling sessions

Do I get to choose my own activities?

Our retreat designers and staff are experts at customizing experiences, taking into consideration your specific circumstances, needs, and goals. Our desire would be that you simply show up and trust us to guide you through an experience that will meet or surpass your expectations. However, we also value your input and love personalizing everything we offer! As your host dialogues with you in the days or weeks leading up to your experience, we expect there to be a degree of collaboration and would love to know if there are certain activities you would hope we incorporate.

While we can’t cram all of our offerings into any one experience, we are happy to prioritize specific activities that you communicate are important for you to be included. For those who are returning guests, especially, we’re more than happy to accommodate desires and specific requests to always provide a uniquely different and fresh experience.

What programming can look like

Check out some examples of offerings where we have fully integrated our programming into the experience