Customized Retreat
(8 or more people)

Experiences with adventure activities designed to help your group connect and grow


Customized Retreat
(8 or more people)

Our customized retreats for groups of 8 people or more allow you to grow as a group by spending time learning together through activities and reflection. We design and facilitate your customized experience by selecting team building activities, low ropes challenges, rock climbing, zip-lining, high ropes elements, and personal time for reflection. Depending on your goals and desires, we may set you up with reflective personal activities to guide a more restful, introspective experience. Or, if your focus is to learn more through hands-on activities, we’ll fill your schedule with different components of our experiential education to meet those goals. As the name indicates, the structure of these retreats are very flexible and can easily be customized to your group’s needs and desires.
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Our host will greet you upon arrival and, after guiding you to your meeting space and/or overnight accommodations, will provide a short orientation and key information to your group. This same host with our team of facilitators will guide you throughout your time spent with us. Typically beginning with mixers and ice-breaker activities, our team will lead you through trust exercises, and all other outdoor adventure components that have been selected ahead of time for your group, including low ropes challenges, rock climbing, zip-lining, high ropes elements, and personal time for reflection. Throughout the activities your host will guide group conversations to aid you in reflecting on your personal experience and what you’re learning as a group. By the end of your stay, we will help you identify next steps to get the most out of your group retreat. Any additional teaching, music, or components that your own team members desire to lead will be coordinated and included in your schedule in conjunction with your host during the planning stages leading up to the retreat.

Gathering Spaces

We encourage you to spend as much time as possible in nature and the outdoors during your stay. Choose from a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces to meet your needs.

Indoor Meeting Spaces with audio/visual equipment and internet
+ Grace Center (up to 90 people)
+ Casa Grande (up to 30 people)

Indoor spaces
+ Upper Room
+ Dining Hall

Outdoor Spaces
+ Pavillion
+ Gazebo
+ Chapel
+ Pergola
+ The Cross ‘Overlook’

Use of all spaces should be reserved in advance prior to your arrival. Please do not hesitate to inquire about prices, locations, and amenities of each space with our coordination team.


Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks are available for purchase in our dining hall when dining services are offered. Choose from a variety of different options and schedule the meals you’d like in advance with our coordination team when scheduling your retreat. The hours of service and menu selection will be based on availability.

Fresh water is always provided from our mountain spring and hot beverages are available for purchase with prior reservation as well. For a more rustic experience, choose to roast hot dogs over the fire for one of your meals and enjoy s’mores made with Ecuadorian chocolate for a sweet ending!


The length of stay for our Customized retreats can range from a 1-day event, to a weekend, a week, or longer, depending on your needs and desires. We offer a variety of options for overnight accommodations. Choose to stay in one of our cabins, dorm-style rooms, or spend the night at one of our campsites.

Dorm-Style Room: Accommodates up to 12 people, all contain bunk beds and one queen bed, and are conveniently located next to our Dining Hall. 

Cabins: These are ideal spaces for an individual, couple, or small family. This option provides a refrigerator, coffee and tea, and in certain cases your own kitchen or kitchenette. 

Camping: Available for those looking for a more rustic experience, enjoy hiking and appreciate being a bit further away from the center of where most activities take place. 

Contact our coordination team to learn more about prices, amenities, and locations to choose the space that will be best suited for your experience and needs. Hours of arrival and departure will be finalized with the coordination team.


Our hope is that after allowing us to walk alongside you, steps will become clear as to how to keep growing and developing your potential. Through the activities of outdoor adventure, rest, reflection, and simply enjoying the beauty of God’s creation, we are confident you’ll not only go home refreshed, but will also be leaving with a greater sense of areas where you’d like to pursue growth. This retreat experience is aimed not only at group dynamics and reflection, but self reflection and connection with God. We will help you process your experience and identify next steps, to empower you with the tools to live the abundant life in Christ.

Customize your Experience

As always, our desire is to work with you to customize your experience to make it what you need. We love personalizing everything we offer! Consider adding some of the following components to your customized retreat for groups, and make it your own:

+ Stay overnight instead of just spending the day
+ Arrive early and start your day off with breakfast in addition to lunch and dinner
+ Add on a personalized therapy session with one of our trained staff members
+ Add a guided hike to the beginning or end of the day
+ Choose from our list of teaching content or workshops that our staff can lead you through as a group

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Get in touch with our coordination team or check out these other options below to find what best suits you!