Solo Time
Group Retreat

Come together as a group, but spend the day in personal reflection in nature


Solo Time Group Retreat

Our solo time group retreats allow you to arrive as a group, but spend the better part of your day on your own. These spiritual retreats consist of prayer, silence, reading, and reflection. Our team will set you up with personal activities to guide your experience. After your solo time, you'll come back together to share a meal with your friends, sit around a campfire and be guided through a time of reflection.
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Our host will greet you upon arrival and after guiding you to your meeting space will provide a short orientation and introduction to your group. In addition to sharing suggestions of outdoor locations for you to explore and enjoy, they’ll set you up with printed activities and materials to guide your time. Your host will be available to you during your entire stay to help with any needs that may come up or address any questions you may have. After dinner your host will guide a group conversation reflecting on your experience and help you identify next steps to get the most out of your solo time retreat.

Gathering Spaces

We encourage you to spend as much time as possible in nature and the outdoors during your stay. Choose from a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces to meet your needs.

Indoor Meeting Spaces with audio/visual equipment and internet
+ Grace Center (up to 90 people)
+ Casa Grande (up to 30 people)

Indoor spaces
+ Upper Room
+ Dining Hall

Outdoor Spaces
+ Pavillion
+ Gazebo
+ Chapel
+ Pergola
+ The Cross ‘Overlook’

Use of all spaces should be reserved in advance prior to your arrival. Please do not hesitate to inquire about prices, locations, and amenities of each space with our coordination team.


Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks are available for purchase in our dining hall when dining services are offered. Choose from a variety of different options and schedule the meals you’d like in advance with our coordination team when scheduling your retreat. The hours of service and menu selection will be based on availability.

Fresh water is always provided from our mountain spring and hot beverages are available for purchase with prior reservation as well. For a more rustic experience, choose to roast hot dogs over the fire for one of your meals and enjoy s’mores made with Ecuadorian chocolate for a sweet ending!


Our hope is that after spending a day resting, reflecting, and enjoying the simplicity and beauty of God’s creation, you’ll not only go home refreshed, but also will leave with a greater sense of areas you’d like to grow in. This low-programmed experience is aimed at self reflection, connection with God, and a shared (but individual) experience with others you know and care for.

Customize your Experience

As always, our desire is to work with you to customize your experience to make it what you need. We love personalizing everything we offer! Consider adding some of the following components to your Solo Time Group Retreat to make it your own:

+ Stay overnight instead of just spending the day
+ Arrive early and start your day off with breakfast in addition to lunch and dinner
+ Add on a personalized therapy session with one of our trained staff members
+ Add a high ropes challenge to the beginning or end of the day
+ Choose to add our hot beverage station in your meeting room to have coffee and tea available for the entire length of your stay

Not what you're looking for?

Get in touch with our coordination team or check out these other options below to find what best suits you!