(1 year internship)

For Latin Americans who want to grow spiritually and develop leadership skills while serving in a ministry setting


(1 year internship)

Fronteras is a year long internship designed for Latin Americans looking for the next level of ministry and leadership experience. Interns will take part in classes, mentoring, excursions, and service-oriented leadership. Additionally, each intern will choose a job focus and utilize their talents to serve the goals and mission of El Refugio.
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While we hope that our interns experience many benefits, our primary goals and desired outcomes that make Fronteras unique are the following:

1. Deeper Love & Passion for Jesus
2. Heart for Missions: Missional Living with Purpose
3. Growth in Leadership

Through spiritual growth, classes, mentoring, excursions, and service-oriented leadership we walk alongside each individual as they drive towards these objectives.

Gathering Spaces

Interns live on property and have access to all of the spaces that El Refugio offers. They benefit from the exclusive use of the Discipleship House’s common room, offering a comfortable space to read, relax, and play games with other interns.


Interns will balance preparing meals for themselves in the discipleship house kitchen and enjoying meals prepared by our kitchen staff. Whenever there are short term teams on property, interns will eat in the dining hall. Outside of summer months, we have less groups, thus interns will typically prepare and/or share meals with other interns that may be running on a similar timeline.


All interns will live in our Discipleship House on the El Refugio property. The house has 2 dorms, one for males and one for females with a shared common room, full kitchen, and laundry room. The house is fully furnished and has a capacity for 20 students.

Part of the program cost accounts for room and board in this building. It is very likely interns will be sharing this space with other students, both North or Latin American as their program may run alongside Fronteras and we place a high value on life in community.


Our hope is that after the time spent at El Refugio serving, learning, resting, reflecting, and enjoying the awe inspiring beauty of God’s creation, interns not only go home refreshed, but also will leave with a greater sense of who Jesus is and how He is challenging them. While this internship will allow the individual to encounter many different experiences, the main goal is that they leave with a deeper connection to God and understanding of how that applies to every aspect of their life, whether they continue to serve the Lord internationally or in their own hometown.

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