Guided off-site excursions into the Ecuadorian countryside or mountains



Our staff is ready to lead you on your next adventure. Whether it's a 4-day excursion at the base of Ecuador’s famous Cotopaxi or Antisana volcanoes, a 2-day trek through Ecuador’s dense cloud forest, or a 5-day through-hike on the ancient Incan Trail, the options are practically endless. We will work with you to customize the experience to your group's needs and desires, creating a personalized itinerary that meets your goals.
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Our host will greet you upon arrival, providing a short orientation and key information for you and your group. This same host with any additional facilitators will guide you throughout your time spent with us. Typically before heading out into the wilderness of Ecuador we spend the first day at El Refugio finalizing all preparations, familiarizing the group with the appropriate gear, and possibly spending the night camping on our mountainside to acclimate to the gear and altitude. Throughout the excursion your host will guide group conversations to aid you in reflecting on your personal experience and what you’re learning as a group. Upon completion of the off-site trek, we return to El Refugio to return gear and enjoy a rich, home-cooked meal to end our time together. By the end of your backpacking excursion, we will help you identify next steps to get the most out of your experience.


We take into account your dietary needs and will customize the menu according to the group's needs. All food for the backpacking portion of your experience will be prepared in advance, carried in packs, and prepared on the trail. Upon return to El Refugio your final meal together will be prepared by our kitchen staff and served in our Dining Hall.


We will provide all lodging needs for your experience: tents, sleeping bags, and sleeping pads.

If you desire to arrive early or extend your stay with us, El Refugio offers a variety of options for overnight accommodations. Choose to stay in one of our cabins, dorm-style rooms, or spend the night at one of our campsites.

Dorm-Style Room: Accommodates up to 12 people, all contain bunk beds and one queen bed, and are conveniently located next to our Dining Hall. 

Cabins: These are ideal spaces for an individual, couple, or small family. This option provides a refrigerator, coffee and tea, and in certain cases your own kitchen or kitchenette. 

Camping: Available for those looking for a more rustic experience, enjoy hiking and appreciate being a bit further away from the center of where most activities take place. 

Contact our coordination team to learn more about prices, amenities, and locations to choose the space that will be best suited for your experience and needs. Hours of arrival and departure will be finalized with the coordination team.


Our hope is that after allowing us to guide you in the great outdoors you will not only leave refreshed, but that steps will become clear as to how you can keep growing and developing your potential. Through this outdoor adventure experience, times of rest, self reflection, and simply enjoying the beauty of God’s creation, we are confident that you will experience a greater connection to God. We also trust that you will be inspired and motivated to process your experience, identify next steps, and put into practice the tools we’ve shared with you to live the abundant life in Christ.

Customize your Experience

As always, our desire is to work with you to customize your experience to make it what you need. We love personalizing everything we offer! Consider adding some of the following components to your Backpacking Excursion to make it your own:

Have something in mind that you’d like to experience in Ecuador? Or saw a photo of something you have to see for yourself? Let's talk and develop an unforgettable experience for you / and or your group.

+ Stay overnight at El Refugio before or after your experience
+ Add any additional meals before or after your experience, depending on availability
+ Reserve an indoor space in addition to any desired lodging you’ve chosen
+ Add a low ropes or high ropes challenge to focus on teamwork or group dynamics at the beginning or end of your experience

Not what you're looking for?

Get in touch with our coordination team or check out these other options below to find what best suits you!